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Staff Structure Septermber 2019

Teaching Staff 2019-20

Ross Peacock - Head teacher, Maths, PE, Assessment and Safeguarding leader

Julie Crelling - Class 4 teacher, SENCo and Science leader, Maths team

Lindsay Ashworth - Class 4 teacher, History and Geography leader

Kirsty Lawman - Class 3 teacher, Computing leader, English team

Catherine Eve - Class 2 teacher, Art and RE leader, English team

Rachel Routledge - Class 1 (EYFS) teacher, EYFS leader, English team

Lucie Sapsford - Class 1 (EYFS) teacher, Design Technology leader

Joanne Bell - Class 4 Senior Teaching Assistant and Health and Safety leader

Caroline Thornthwaite - Class 3 Senior Teaching Assistant

Shaun Murphy - Class 2 Senior Teaching Assistant

Sheena Buchanan - Early Years Senior Teaching Assistant

Sophie Blinco - Early Years Teaching Assistant


Lily Townson - Class 4 Learning Support

Anna Beverley - Class 3 Learning Support 

Claire Blaney - Class 1 Learning Support

Briony Young - Class 1 Apprentice